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Rawah Wilderness Information

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Welcome to the Rawah Wilderness information area of the Mountain Jay Media LLC Web site.

This web site contains a wealth of information for hikers, backpackers, fishermen, horse packers, horseback riders, and hunters planning a visit to the Rawah Wilderness Area in northern Colorado.  The site offers detailed maps and 34 full color pictures describing trails in and around the Wilderness to help you plan your visit there.  Fishermen can use the fishing information page that describes the fish species present in all the lakes in the Rawah Wilderness Area and the surrounding Arapaho National Forest and also tells when the lakes were last stocked and what species were stocked.  Hunting enthusiasts planning a visit to the Rawah Wilderness Area can use the hunting information page to view information tailored to their needs. 

The content of this site is divided into these major categories:

What's New:

Last updated 1/17/07

The Current Conditions page has been updated to reflect winter conditions.

Trail Maps, Pictures and Descriptions in the Rawah Wilderness Area:

This page leads to trail description pages that give an idea of what lies along each trail in and around the Wilderness.  The link leads to a list of trails with links to their individual web pages.  Also on the trail list page is a link to a map of the Rawah Wilderness Area where individual trails web pages can be accessed by clicking the trails on the map.  Each trail description page contains a map showing where the pictures were taken.  The individual pictures taken along the trail can be viewed by clicking their thumbnail in the gallery or often on the text describing them on the trail map. 

Current Conditions in the Rawah Wilderness Area and surrounding Roosevelt National Forest:

The Current Conditions page contains a listing of current activities within and around the Wilderness that could affect your visit. Trailheads and roads are sometimes closed due to maintenance and logging operations adjacent to the Wilderness Area, and this information should be posted on the Current Conditions page so that you may plan accordingly.  This page also contains links to other web sites which may provide valuable information when planning outings.  Links to the weather forecast for Walden, Colorado is included on the page.  Also, links to real time river flow data is provided for rivers flowing from the Rawah Wilderness Area, which could prove useful when planning trips near the beginning and end of the spring runoff.  Links to the Snowtel site is also provided. The Snowtel site is a government operated web site that lists snow-pack depths for various river basins based on the percentage of historical norms. Checking this web site  could give some indications as to the duration and magnitude of the spring runoff in and around the Rawah Wilderness Area. 

Forest Service Regulations and Special Restrictions in the Rawah Wilderness Area:

This page contains a listing of the regulations that apply while hiking, backpacking, hunting or fishing within the Rawah Wilderness Area.  Special restrictions such as camping restrictions are also included on this page as well as Leave No Trace back country ethics guidelines.  Make sure that you are aware of wilderness use rules before venturing into the Wilderness Area.  Wilderness Rangers do patrol the Rawah Wilderness Area to enforce these regulations. 

Fishing Information in the Rawah Wilderness Area:

Information provided by the Colorado Division of Wildlife concerning fishing opportunities in the Rawah Wilderness Area is presented here.   

Hunting Information in the Rawah Wilderness Area:

Information useful for hunters in the Rawah Wilderness Area is presented here. 

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