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Rainbow Lake Trail 1130 and Roxy Ann Lake Trail 1179

The map above is provided to minimize download time.  To see the full topographical version of the map, click on the thumbnail below.  Rainbow Lake Trail is one of the most popular and heavily used trails in the wilderness.  Choose a different trail if you are seeking opportunities for solitude and experiencing pristine wilderness conditions.  Camping restrictions are in effect between the south edge of Rainbow and Middle Rainbow Lakes and the trail. Camping is prohibited in the area between the lakes and the trail from where a sign marks the eastern edge of the restricted area to where the trail climbs away from Rainbow Lake west of the lake

Click on the thumbnails below to view full size photographs. 

Middle Rainbow Lake

This picture shows Middle Rainbow Lake with Norris Creek in the foreground

Mount Ethel at Sunrise

This picture was taken looking over Slide Lake.

Upper Slide Lake and Mount Ethel

This picture was taken during an afternoon summer thundershower.

Mount Ethel

Roxy Ann Lake Trail above the lake

Roxy Ann Lake