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Grizzly Helena Trail 1126 Northern Section

The map above is provided to minimize download time.  To see the full topographical version of the map, click on the thumbnail below.  Be aware that the file is about 1.5 megabytes and will take a long time to load on a dialup modem. 

Click on the thumbnails below to view full size photographs. 

Lone Pine North Trailhead

This shows the trailhead at the southern edge of this trail section. There is room to park about 3 vehicles here. There is no room for horse trailers.

Aspen Grove

This is a typical aspen grove along the trail.

Sheep Mountain, North Park and Medicine Bow Range

This shows an early snow blanketing the Medicine Bow Range in the distance.

Bear Mountain

This shows Bear Mountain from near the trail. From this viewpoint it's obvious how the mountain earned its name.

North Fork of North Platte River Valley

This view of the valley was taken not far south of the Fryingpan Basin Trail junction

Shafer Creek

This shows the Shafer Creek crossing during spring runoff. There is a swiftwater drowning hazard when crossing this stream during the spring runoff.

Strainers below Shafer Creek crossing

Strainers are anything that will let water pass but not you. You have a 5% chance of survival if swept into a strainer. These strainers are just below the Shafer Creek crossing.

Lodgepole Pine forest

This is a typical Lodgepole Pine forest encountered along the trail.

North Fork of North Platte River valley from Grizzly Helena Trail

This view of the valley was taken from the trail not far from the Helena Trailhead.

Park Range from Grizzly Helena Trail

This is a view of the Park Range from the trail.

Helena Trailhead

This shows the ample parking available at the Helena Trailhead.

Ford on Forest Road 660 east of Helena Trailhead

This ford is impossible to cross with all but the highest clearance vehicles. The best way to get to the Helena Trailhead is from Big Creek Lakes.

North Fork of the North Platte River valley

This photo was taken just north of the northernmost map border and shows the valley from a high viewpoint.